I started this blog three years ago as part of my healing process. In August of 2009, I began to realize that my life needed to change…somehow.

It was through blogging that I came to the realization that “just pray about it” was not going to be enough, and with a deep breath and much fear and trembling, I entered therapy. Of course there has been much more to it – rants, political opinions, updates on my [sometimes] mundane life :), but the underlying theme has been of someone who was broken putting herself back together.

This blog has also served as a platform to share my story of spiritual abuse, to put a voice out there so that someone going through a similar situation would at least know that they are not alone.

This blog carries a lot of baggage…and I think I’m ready to travel light.

So to that end, I am retiring Breaking the Mold. I will keep it up, because I know it has been listed in the blogosphere as a resource for spiritual abuse survivors. I am grateful for my story to be out there, and grateful that it has a happy ending: I survived. I overcame. And I have flourished.

Does that mean my life is all flowers and sausages now¬†[my husband's and my all-time favorite quote from the now defunct Wife Swap!]? Of course not. I still struggle from time to time. I still pull out the tools I learned in counseling – only now they’re more automatic and processing isn’t as much work as it once was! I will always have tendencies to be an approval addict, and to look at my performance as a way to earn favor with God and others, rather than just rest in His grace. I will always walk that fine line between “holy and righteous living” and “trying to earn my salvation.”

But I think I am done talking about it now.

I am ready to stop talking about the kind of life I want…and to start living it.

I will still blog – no worries there!! Writing is like breathing to me. By the end of this weekend, I will have fashioned a brand new blog with more of a focus than just me and my stream of consciousness brainspilling, and I will come back here to link to it for all three of you :).

I am just feeling the need to start fresh. To begin a new chapter on the other side of my healing process. Because there is life after spiritual abuse.

And it turns out, it’s a pretty good one.

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